Thank you all for your prayers...we really did feel them!   During her surgery, I was so (oddly) calm and I know that your prayers were helping me to relax and know that everything would be ok.

Haylie was released from the hospital last night and Dr. Poppas is extremely pleased with how well she did throughout.  We still have several weeks of trying to keep her less active, so she doesn't injure herself or pull stitches, but we are certainly hoping we will be able to do that sufficiently.  (If you know or have seen Haylie, it will be like trying to contain a whirlwind, but we have to try.)

I hope that the worst is behind us and that from here on out, she will heal well and be able to go on and lead a relatively normal life.  We will be going back in November/December for a follow-up.

Being in New York has been an adventure.  The people here drive like they don't see your car in the lane and just push their way over, practically causing a million accidents, which I have to say, tried my nerves on the way back to the hotel last night.  They walk like that on the sidewalks too, practically running over you!  It's not Texas, I'll tell you that much! 

5/23/2008 01:52:42 am

Glad to here that all is well.


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