Hope this finds you all well.  Haylie is doing great and we are trying to navigate cold and flu season.  Had another scare the other night when Haylie ended up with another adrenal crisis due to a bladder infection.  Bless her heart, they had to stick her little arms 6 times before they successfully got blood from her and each time she told the nurses, "Thank you for my boo boo shot."  She doesn't understand, but she sure is a brave little soul (with good manners to boot!).

We are readying everything to go back to NY on November 4th.  We're hoping we get a chance to stop by and that Haylie's nurse, Ashley will be working that day.  I know that would be a big treat for Haylie, since she still talks about her all the time.  Haylie has a memory like an elephant.  She and Katie are my own personal GPS, as they tell me where I need to turn to go to my Mom's house or other family members' houses...even Walmart or HEB! 

Well, I'll write more when we return from NY and I hope for the next few years, our lives will be back to "normal", whatever that means.  Take care & God Bless!

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