Hi Friends!

Thank goodness for a few minutes of spare time and the hotel's business center!

As Rach let you know, we are in New York.  Everything is CRAZY here and there are so many people/buildings/cars that it's been a bit overwhelming at times. 

Yesterday Haylie had her pre-surgical doctor appointment and it went very well.  I almost cried as we walked into the doctors office.  I know most of you know that this has been such a long time coming that I didn't believe we were actually there! 

She'll be admitted into the hospital on Sunday afternoon and they'll start an IV and do more labs to make sure her endocrine levels are stable before surgery.

Starting tomorrow, she can't eat any solid foods, only pudding and clear liquids.  On Saturday and until she gets admitted on Sunday, she can't even eat pudding, only drink clear liquids, so I am imagining it's going to be tough for her.  I already told Teddy and we're going to "fast" too, because I think it would be so cruel for her to see us eat if she's in any way hungry.  I'm going to try to keep her drinking lots though, so she won't feel the hunger too badly.

We drove to Connecticut (we have 3 days of waiting) today and she got to go to a really pretty beach on Sherwood Island.  It was a little cool, but she got to explore and even found some rocks and shells to bring home to give to her "sissy", who she misses more than you can imagine.

Overall, she's done very well and has gone with the flow.  The next week is going to be the most trying of our lives and I ask that you please pray for Haylie, Katie,  for Teddy and I, and the rest of our family that we all have a smooth and pain-free (if not stress-free) few days.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support!  Even though we are far away, we feel your thoughts, prayers and good-wishes for Haylie across the miles!

Blessings & Love,  Angela

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