Once You Choose Hope...ANYTHING's POSSIBLE!
                                                                                                                              -Christopher Reeve

* * * *D I D   Y O U   W I N?* * * *

Click on the envelope to see the raffle & silent auction winners:

(Items hightlighted have been claimed.  If you see your name & haven't received your prize, call Angela at 210-380-5578 to arrange for pickup.  Please note:  we will be out of town for Haylie's surgery May 13th--(at least) May 28th, & if you do not claim your prize by then, we'll make arrangements for you to pick them up a few days after we return.)

Haylie Won the Best Prize Of ALL at Haylioke...and rest assured, we'll make sure that someday she understands the grace shown us, in her name, in her honor, for her future full of hope.

We as a family won new friendships and a renewed faith in the beauty of the human spirit...it means the world to us...thank you.

Haylie’s our precious little blue-eyed girl,

Blessed long ago, before she came into this world.

Battling for life since it began,

But she doesn’t know it, and she doesn’t show it.


Happy still when others may be sad.

Strong beyond her youth and oh so wise.

Smiling in the face of pain, and it will come again,

But she doesn’t know it, and she doesn’t show it.


My precious little Haylie sees only good in life,

If there is laughter, she will find it,

Where there is fun, she's right beside it,

And we all get to go along with her on her ride.


She’s a little tiny angel God has sent for us to walk among

Though she doesn’t know it, every day she shows it.


Hidden Wings

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