I'm very nervous about everything going well tomorrow.  I've had nightmares that there are 20 people who show up and they are all related to us!!   I'm sure, no matter how many people show up, it will be fun and help get us to New York City for Haylie.

Haylie thinks that HAYLIOKE is her birthday party and her sister is perpetuating her thought on that! 

Being that we've never done a fundraiser before, I'm worrying about all the details and ways to help make our 3 hours as productive and smooth as possible.  If anyone has any suggestions, we'd sure love to hear them!

If one or 1,000 people show up tomorrow, we have been so richly blessed by all of the people who've taken time out of their days to say a prayer for us, or to donate time, money or raffle/silent auction items. 

I've enjoyed stopping by and talking to all those we've come across about CAH and Haylie.  Your interest gives me hope that perhaps when all is said and done, you'll still care about Haylie and CAH and maybe even support research for CAH in the future. 

You have a friend with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia now! 

You have a connection to CAH that you may not have had before, and I hope that compels you keep up with Haylie, as this website will remain up until CAH is cured! 

Please keep checking back during our time in NYC.  My first priority is Haylie, but if I find access to a computer, I'll try to update you from NYC, otherwise, my sister will be sending updates for everyone who may want to know what is going on.

THANK YOU ALL!  We wish you love and blessings always, Angela

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