I have to say that I've always been a big dreamer.  Some of them have come true, others have not, but I've kept dreaming regardless.

Sometimes I've found myself dreaming WAY loftier dreams and than I think are ever possible, which brings me to my point...I had a dream that someone "out there in the hill country" would donate a GRAND-PRIZE item that would be something with universal appeal that everyone (men, women, children waiting to turn 16...) would be interested in winning! 

After sending out many hundreds of e-mails, one of them reached Mr. & Mrs. Kee with Destination CycleSports in Kerrville, TX.  I got a call on Friday night from Mr. Kee with the awesome news that they wanted to donate a Yamaha Vino Scooter for our Grand Prize in our raffle drawing!  I really didn't believe him when he first said it...then I found myself so happy, I could've jumped through the phone and given him a big hug right then!

Saturday, our whole family found our way to Kerrville and we got to meet the Kee's in person (and meeting their dog, Maggie was huge for Kate & Haylie).  They couldn't have been kinder folks and everyone who works for them were wonderful as well.  

I STILL can't believe that call came in! 

I know dreams come true because many moons ago, I had a dream that I would have two little angels.  For the last 4 years, I believe in dreams even more, because I get to watch two of them play in my presence every day!

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