We're hanging in there... -  

 Hope you are all doing well!  If you've been keeping up with us, sorry that I haven't written in a while.  Our lives have taken many twists and turns this year and we're doing our best to navigate life and keep our heads above water.  I'll try to update you more often.

Haylie has been WONDERFUL!  She's growing like a weed and is running around like gangbusters.  I couldn't ask for a more spirited, lively bundle of sunshine!  She and Kate are active and enjoying the early Spring we've had in Texas this year.  Hopefully we don't have a brutally hot summer!

All of our CAH projects are on hold for the time being.  I hope to resume them within a few months.

If you get a moment out of your lives...write and fill us in on how you're doing.

Take Care & Blessings ALWAYS!

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