Dr. Poppas' prognosis is that Haylie has healed PERFECTLY!! 

Our prayers have been answered!  We now don't have to go back to NY City for any follow-up appointments for another 10 YEARS!!   This outcome will save our Haylie further trauma as she grows in the coming years and we couldn't be more elated.

Our older daughter, Kate also went to NY with us.  Since Haylie has talked all about Dr. Poppas since May, Kate was really excited to meet him.  He did not disappoint, as he treated her with as much kindess and caring as he's always shown Haylie.

No matter where in the world you live, if you have a child with CAH and are looking for THE BEST surgical care for your child, you need look no further than Dr. Dix Poppas.  You are more than welcome to call me and I'll try my best to answer any parent-related questions you may have.
Needless to say, we are thrilled beyond measure!  God is GREAT!

11/17/2009 05:49:46 am

Our daughter was also operated on by Dr. Poppas, and will probably need more surgery from him. he is trully great.. Glad everythign worked out for your little girl!


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