I will try to write more often, but Haylie has been doing great!  I cannot believe it has been almost a year since we left for Haylie's follow-up in New York.  Haylie has done so well and we have been so blessed for it.

It's sometimes hard for me to imagine that our little fundraiser brought so many people together to help us get Haylie to NY.  We never would've made it without the love and support of our family, friends and 'perfect' strangers.

’Perfect’ sums it up, really.  

When we’re having a bad day, week or month even, I only have to look back on the Spring of 2008 and remember how when we had nothing, we were given everything for her. 

With your help and selflessness, God really held us up in His glorious light for a brief shining moment for her, for Haylie.   
Appropriate then that she is our "sunshine." 

I'm putting a picture of her from her birthday this year.  We'd just returned home from her party and she HAD to try on the ballet outfit that she received. 

She is a grand blend of brute and beauty, girly girl and mud pie maker.  She is a conglomeration of little lady and fierce lioness, of bulldog and ballerina.  She is strong and spoiled, funny and wild and she dances, flips and twirls through her life with fiery abandon.  She's of God, but has been given to us. 

How lucky I feel to have her in my little world
that she makes seem so vast.

Thank you for sharing in her story.


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