We started out 2009 a little bumpy...

...Grandpa Jack (my paternal 86 year old Grandfather) came to live with us so we can care for him.  We all love him and the girls can't wait to wake up every morning to greet him.  They adore him.  While it's been an adjustment for all of us, especially Grandpa, we are all doing well.

...Teddy was laid off temporarily from his job as a roughneck so we're having some stress about that, but I know somehow we'll get through it all.

But we can't complain BECAUSE...

...Haylie and Kate had a great Christmas and are being happy little girls.  They are just precious to me.  Kate talks a mile a minute and Haylie has the sweetest squeaky little voice.  They've both (knock wood) been healthy and I just cannot ask for much more than that.

I hope you are all happy and well!  Take care!  ~Angela

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