Well, it's officially been a year since Haylioke and since we left for New York with Haylie.  We made such great friends and had such great support from all of you, so we'd like to remind you that your help and your prayers and blessings will remain with us always ~ THANK YOU!

I can honestly say that it feels like ages ago, as so much has changed since then.  Haylie is doing better than we ever could've hoped for.  She still remembers aspects of the surgery and, of course, talks about Dr. Poppas and Ash-a-wee very often.  I think she will always have a memory of the trip, which was one of my main concerns, but I do think now, her memories are good.  We tried very hard to make her feel as though this trip was a fun adventure, and I'm hopeful we succeeded.  She has also been very healthy for the most part this year, so that is always a bonus.

She loves to do flips and handstands and she even does some moves that remind me of the old-school break dancers.  She's pretty much in constant motion and upside down most of the day.  She and Kate make each day tons of fun.  They couldn't be more different, but they are so sweet with one another and are very loyal to each other.

Once again, my cup runneth over...


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