Your Daily Haylie
(ok, so it's weekly, but the title is cute!)

Welcome to my first blog entry about our Haylie.  This week we have had great friends and family help us to come up with creative ways to help raise money for our trip to New York City for Haylie's surgery in May.

So far, we are putting together a charity raffle and BBQ/Karaoke fundraiser.  So far this has been a daunting task because I have been under the weather, but by setting up this website, we are back on track and ready to hit the ground running!

Haylie has been doing remarkably well for over a year now (knock on wood and thank God) and has had no adrenal crisis'.  This is important, as we have to keep her healthy and her cortisol levels stable if her body is to be able to endure her surgery.  If you saw her, you would never know that she had a problem or care in the world.  She is a happy and headstrong little angel and she makes me smile every day!

I will try to write in the next couple of blogs about how our journey from our discovery of her CAH to now has taken place and all the little things that may be helpful to others with children who have CAH.

Welcome to my blog!

4/6/2008 10:25:18 am

Hey Yall...the page looks great, and very informative, I am so sorry such a precious angel has to go through this. Children should never know anything but joy and love never pain and sorrow. I am comforted knowing that this little angel happens to belong to a very strong dedicated loving family!!! Love and Miss yall Bree

4/7/2008 12:53:19 am

Wonderful job on the website Angela! I pray this fundraiser and ultimately the surgery will go wonderfully! I pray for you'all daily and really wish abundance and peace where your family is concerned... God Bless!


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