Here is a picture of Haylie and her big sister Kate finally being able to play and jump in their Shamu pool (thanks Mom & Pop)!

We are so thrilled that Haylie's surgical physical restrictions are now passed and she can be free to have a normal, happy and active remainder of the summer! 

As her mom, I can't tell you the relief I feel knowing that this is behind her and we can now just concentrate on her being a little girl.  She still talks about her nurse, Ashley and some aspects of the surgery and trip have stayed with her, but for the most part, she is the same happy baby she was before we left.  We will be going back in November, but that will be a very short trip and we're going to try to bring Kate with us as well...we just can't leave her again, it was devastating to us!

We hope all is well with everyone!  Drop us a line now and then and let us know how you are! 


Haylie has been doing great so far.  We will hit the 2-month mark on July 19th, so we're marking the calendar!  She still has some redness, but the days are fewer are farther between when she complains of pain. 

Haylie is not happy that she hasn't been able to go out to play at playgrounds or ride on any of her toys or tricycle, but it's been so hot here (over 104 degrees EVERY day since we've been home) that we have to wait until the cooler evening hours to try to do anything anyway.

Our household is getting a bit back to normal too (or at least as "normal" as we are, which is questionable...he,he).  Hope you are all doing well.  Would love to hear from you to find out how you are.  Sandra L....if you're reading this...e-mail me so I can find out how your Nicco is!

Write more soon--all of God's blessings to you all!