I have to say that I've always been a big dreamer.  Some of them have come true, others have not, but I've kept dreaming regardless.

Sometimes I've found myself dreaming WAY loftier dreams and than I think are ever possible, which brings me to my point...I had a dream that someone "out there in the hill country" would donate a GRAND-PRIZE item that would be something with universal appeal that everyone (men, women, children waiting to turn 16...) would be interested in winning! 

After sending out many hundreds of e-mails, one of them reached Mr. & Mrs. Kee with Destination CycleSports in Kerrville, TX.  I got a call on Friday night from Mr. Kee with the awesome news that they wanted to donate a Yamaha Vino Scooter for our Grand Prize in our raffle drawing!  I really didn't believe him when he first said it...then I found myself so happy, I could've jumped through the phone and given him a big hug right then!

Saturday, our whole family found our way to Kerrville and we got to meet the Kee's in person (and meeting their dog, Maggie was huge for Kate & Haylie).  They couldn't have been kinder folks and everyone who works for them were wonderful as well.  

I STILL can't believe that call came in! 

I know dreams come true because many moons ago, I had a dream that I would have two little angels.  For the last 4 years, I believe in dreams even more, because I get to watch two of them play in my presence every day!






We were invited to be on our local morning show KENS-5 "Great day SA" (thanks to Luis Munoz!), and much to my personal amazement and shock, at the end of our segment, Spirit Airlines executive, Michael Pewther, presented us with round-trip tickets for our initial trip to New York! 

From comments I've received, I realized that maybe I didn't emote the relief and gratitude that I was feeling inside.  I was truly in shock and not expecting such a gift at ALL!  Having been severely sleep deprived for many days and a television studio being a new environment, I think it took me a few minutes to really wrap my brain around what had just happened.

I really don't know how we can thank all the wonderful cast and crew at Great Day SA and Spirit Airlines for easing that portion of our worries and giving me, as a mom, some breathing room and less anxiety!  Mr. Muniz and Mr. Pewther  could not have been more kind and acommodating and we are ever grateful!

Today was an excellent day...God is watching us!


In the little over a week since we began this undertaking, we've come farther than I could've ever dreamed possible.  We started out (with the help of my dear sister, Rachel) with our goal and motto being, "We just need a few angels for Haylie".  

Just a few angels...

 In the last  48 hours, we have been beyond blessed! 

Rachel sent an e-mail to a Gold Canyon Candle local director who sent word of our website to hundreds of Gold Canyon Candle representatives and we have received several selfless donations.  ANGELS...

KENS-5 "Great Day SA" morning news show, which airs from 9-10am weekdays, is allowing us a short segment on Monday, April 14th to discuss our fundraiser and Haylie's disease.  They don't normally do segments such as this, but they happened to have a cancellation and their producer after getting information from Rachel, gave us a small segment.  ANGELS...

John T. Floore Country Store in Helotes has gifted us the use of their facility for our fundraiser, and at such short notice, I didn't know how or if we would find a 'home' for our fundraiser.  Becca Payne with Floore's was so wonderful when I met with her and they are going way above and beyond what I would ever have anticipated they might!  ANGELS...

 We've also had several generous offers and hopeful donations for our raffle and silent auction.  ANGELS...

I do believe that God has heard all of our prayers and the prayers of those of you who have taken the time out of your lives to think of ours.  Your wonderful letters of encouragement have brought me great strength when I need it most....Blessings to every one of Haylie's current and future ANGELS!


Well, it's been quite a successful launch to our website--over 250 hits today!  Thank you to everyone who e-distributed the link to our website.  I encourage anyone reading this to pass it on as well.  I am going to be very curious to see how far and wide our little website will go.

Unfortunately, I've been under the weather for the past few weeks and I have good and bad days, but with barely more than a month before we go to New York for Haylie's surgery, I need those good days desperately. 

If any of you might know of a facility in the San Antonio area where we could hold our little BBQ plate/Karaoke Party fundraiser around the end of the month, I would sure appreciate it.  We're also looking for anyone who might have a raffle tumbler (maybe someone belonging to the Lions Club/Bingo Night) so we can borrow one for our raffle.  Due to MY delay in planning, we may not have a karaoke DJ, so if anyone knows of someone who would be willing to donate their equipment and time, please let me know.  (Thank you SO much Penny & Richard!)

Long day today...so much to do...so little time!


I think I've finally completed the bones and basics of this website and I'm sure I'll be adding to it daily for one reason or another.  It looks pretty much as I'd imagined with the exception of adding our story page, but that will take me some time to complete, since it is practically like writing a book, but I know it will be beneficial to others.

Haylie and Katie had a fun day swimming in a small ($6 Walmart) swimming pool on our front porch.  It was a really beautiful day and it's still early in the year here so there weren't many of the annoying bugs that roam South Texas later in the Spring and Summer months.

The girls wanted pizza, so we cooked up a tasty DiGiorno and they were quite pleased with that and a showing of the Little Mermaid. 

Not much to report...everything quiet on the home front.


Your Daily Haylie
(ok, so it's weekly, but the title is cute!)

Welcome to my first blog entry about our Haylie.  This week we have had great friends and family help us to come up with creative ways to help raise money for our trip to New York City for Haylie's surgery in May.

So far, we are putting together a charity raffle and BBQ/Karaoke fundraiser.  So far this has been a daunting task because I have been under the weather, but by setting up this website, we are back on track and ready to hit the ground running!

Haylie has been doing remarkably well for over a year now (knock on wood and thank God) and has had no adrenal crisis'.  This is important, as we have to keep her healthy and her cortisol levels stable if her body is to be able to endure her surgery.  If you saw her, you would never know that she had a problem or care in the world.  She is a happy and headstrong little angel and she makes me smile every day!

I will try to write in the next couple of blogs about how our journey from our discovery of her CAH to now has taken place and all the little things that may be helpful to others with children who have CAH.

Welcome to my blog!