An Update About Our Haylie -  

Haylie has been doing great so far.  We will hit the 2-month mark on July 19th, so we're marking the calendar!  She still has some redness, but the days are fewer are farther between when she complains of pain. 

Haylie is not happy that she hasn't been able to go out to play at playgrounds or ride on any of her toys or tricycle, but it's been so hot here (over 104 degrees EVERY day since we've been home) that we have to wait until the cooler evening hours to try to do anything anyway.

Our household is getting a bit back to normal too (or at least as "normal" as we are, which is questionable...he,he).  Hope you are all doing well.  Would love to hear from you to find out how you are.  Sandra L....if you're reading this...e-mail me so I can find out how your Nicco is!

Write more soon--all of God's blessings to you all!

Melissa Quinn
7/7/2008 07:10:09

I am so happy that Haylie is doing so well!! She is such a beautiful princess. I am glad to hear you are all almost back to normal....what is normal anyway? Take care and you all are always in my prayers!!



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