Is it me, or is the air cleaner, are the birds singing sweeter, is the sun shining ever more brightly than before?  Maybe it's me, but I feel that way, as if the world has allowed me to breathe again after what has been such a long journey for our family and for Haylie. 

She is doing as well as can be expected!  For the most part we are going through our days relatively pain-free and she's being the same happy little girl she has always been.  She and Kate missed each other so much, that they are making up for lost time with lots of kisses and hugs, pulled hair and one hitting the other on the head with a toy or doll...oh the fun of normalcy!

I now feel as though I've been called on a mission to help others and I have all of you to thank for that.  We are going to continue Haylioke every year as a CAH Research fundraiser and to also benefit a local family in need of medical travel expenses.

We're also in the process of creating a social awareness venture for Kate called "Katie's Closet".  It involved having an armoire set up in hospitals filled with new toys/games/coloring books,etc., to help distract kids in the midst of a hard day while being hospitalized.  They had one in the hospital in NY and it was really lovely!

I'm trying to raise the girls to care for others instinctively, as a way of living life, and I think these two projects are a great way for them to feel involved and support our community.

Much love and blessings to all of you!  Angela

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